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Case Study: Aero Engine Control


Phixos have extensive experience in supporting a client in developing aero engines for civil & defence airframes over the last 27 years.

Working closely with their engineering team on both new developments and upgrades to their entire fleet of FADECs; covering all aspects of the lifecycle including requirements, design, implementation, integration and unit test, as well as timing and memory analysis, tool qualification and certification support all to DO178B/C DAL A. This work included full ownership of the FADEC controls for the client’s new civil engine FADEC that is going through early development, ground test and flight test prior to certification and entry into civilian service. In addition, Phixos are supporting the client with FADEC controls for early concept and demonstrator projects. Tool set utilised is Integrity, DOORs, ARTiSAN, LDRA with implementation in ADA and Lucol.