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Project Management that underpins the engineering solution


Building a partnership

With over 30 years of experience managing outsourced work packages for a significant number of OEMs, Phixos has built up an unrivalled level of expertise in supporting offload.


If there is one lesson we can pass on, it is that a shared common goal is key, and building a trusted partnership results in success. Our management is about sharing data, driving improvements into the project, communicating on all aspects and at all levels, being flexible to the changing project needs, but upmost is not losing sight of the shared common goal, supporting the client’s success is the only measurement that counts.


Our client feedback proves this approach works, with regular detailed reporting, risk mitigation, process improvements and strong technical background within the management, we can support you.


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Building Partnerships

Our broad experience managing outsource projects for over 30 years has one common factor, and that is outsource needs to be a partnership, we’ll build and foster that partnership to achieve success.

Work package definition

Sometimes the biggest hurdle is identifying what and how you can package up work for outsource. We understand not everything can be defined upfront, so with our experience we can help define a work package for outsource that will work for you.

Project planning and estimation

With an extensive experience of varying projects across industries, we can draw upon similar projects as well as more traditional estimation techniques like COCOMO to build accurate estimates that will provide confidence in our plans.

Process improvements

A management team with both technical and certification experience, will allow process improvements to be driven into the project to ensure success whilst maximising efficiency.

Risk Mitigation


Our project management is built around risk identification and suitable mitigation, our breadth of experience across differing projects and industries enables us to identify risks early, highlight these through our weekly reports and implement mitigation.

Outsource models that work

With over 30 years of experience of differing types of outsource models and resultant team integration, we are ideally placed to help define an outsource model that will work and the levels of communication and integration that is required for success.


Why Choose Phixos

Management that delivers success

The need to outsource due to capacity or capability can sometimes be easy to identify, but realising this can be less straightforward, with undefined scope, changing inputs and selling the strategy internally all being hurdles to overcome. Our 30 years of experience of outsource makes us the ideal partner to work with you to implement a model that will work, project change is probably the only certainty and we can embrace this and work with you to manage this in a controlled way and flex where required.


There is no sales activities, from day one you’ll engage with the management team, allowing us to apply the experience of managing a wide range of differing projects across varying industries to the estimation, planning and risk management right from the bid stage. Our management is focused on communication and honesty to build trust, trust in out estimation and planning, and trust that we won’t promise what we cannot deliver.

What our customers think

"Phixos impressed me with their approach. Their commitment to maintaining open lines of communication and consistently providing valuable feedback speaks volumes about their professionalism and expertise."

Why Choose Phixos

Achieving the Highest of Standards

Specialising in high integrity systems we have a proven track record of managing and delivering solutions to the applicable industry standards.


If you have any specific requirements, get in touch and we can discuss your bespoke needs further.