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Systems are increasingly dependent upon complex embedded control software which is critical to the safety and integrity of the applicable system, our dedicated team of permanent engineers provides a highly skilled capability with broad experience across domains, industry standards, processes, languages, and toolchains, along with in-depth knowledge of real time, embedded, high-integrity development and verification principles.

From functionality to compliance, we will develop a unique software solution that speaks to your needs, being able to flex around a changing project whilst maintaining robust development and verification approaches, we will build a partnership that delivers success.

From functionality to compliance, we will develop a unique software solution that speaks to your needs, adopting best practices and considering safety qualification at every stage of our journey together.

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Software standards & process definition

These form the foundations that the technical solution will be built upon, Our early definition of these will ensure maintainability, certification and reduce the impact and cost due to future modifications.

Full-lifecycle development & verification

Our full-lifecycle ownership allows you to focus on the system and product, allowing us to do what we do best and provide a complete verified compliant software solution.

Requirements definition


Decomposing your System requirements into a set of Software requirements or performing a requirement capture activity, will give you the confidence that we can describe and agree on the success criteria of the software’s performance.




Our Software architecture will ensure all stakeholders understand the software structure allowing the engineers to work in parallel in confidence and reducing the impact to cost due to any future increases in size and complexity.

Design and Implementation


With extensive experience in a broad range of tools, languages and design methodologies, Our software team can design and implement from board support packages and low level drivers to application control and monitoring functionality.

Independent verification & validation

Our dedicated independent verification team has over 30 years of experience, of all types of software V&V, using a broad range of commercial and bespoke tools to implement functional and robustness testing, from unit to integration test.

Legacy system updates

With complex electronics in service for decades, modification, upgrades and obsolescence are common place, We have extensive experience of taking ownership of old systems and toolchains and migrating/updating to ensure functional and standards compliance.

Graphical HMIs


Our experience in developing dynamic interactive real-time graphical HMIs for complex solutions like avionic displays, allows rapid ‘look and feel’ prototyping to allow your front-end system to be refined as the project progresses.

Full Certifiable solution

Our 30 + years of high integrity development and verification experience, up to DAL A/SIL 4 gives you the confidence that our processes will ensure a certifiable software solution.

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Why Choose Phixos

Experts in High Integrity Software

Experts in High Integrity Software

We believe shared goals are essential to building a relationship with our customers. Phixos offers exemplary project and risk management, providing detailed reporting at each stage to allow for informed decisions between client and supplier.


Our previous clients have ranked us at the exemplary standard for safety-critical solutions, project management and deliverables. We are highly security conscious with safety-critical expertise up to DAL A/SIL4 level across the Aerospace, Rail, Space, Defence, Medical, Energy and Automotive industries.

What our customers think

"Very positive experience, Phixos are straight down the line. No sales element when dealing with them, our experience felt more like a partnership. They offer a good solution. Their team and communication style is always easy and open.​"

Why Choose Phixos

Achieving the Highest of Standards

Specialising in high integrity systems we have a proven track record of delivering software solutions to the applicable industry standards.

If you have any specific requirements, get in touch and we can discuss your bespoke needs further.