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Why Phixos?

Why Phixos?

Highly accredited and trusted provider

At Phixos, we truly care about feedback from our existing, previous and retained clients. We have managed to build our reputation based on high quality work and positive feedback.

Phixos consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients, delivering timely and high quality work that fits the brief and is industry compliant.

It is of paramount importance to us that our work is reflective of our combined expertise and has been moulded to suit each client’s needs.

Office Setting at Phixos

Our Accreditations

When it comes to the crux of Phixos, our key values are as follows:

High quality service and deliverables

Quality is not only integrated into everything we do at Phixos, it is part of our culture.

Quality is at our heart to ensure, both our clients and ourselves, have the highest confidence to deploy our engineering solutions even in places requiring the highest safety integrity.

Our Independent Quality Assurance team supports the senior management in ensuring compliance against all internal/external procedures and standards. They also support our desire for continuous improvement, which is driven by our clients’ feedback. We seek feedback from all of our clients to ensure we improve and continue to add value, to achieve a shared common goal.

The deliverables provided matched our brief exactly. My expectations of Phixos were already higher than those of other providers, based on prior experience, due to the trust and quality of their work.


These high expectations were met, engagement was always strong and the team worked well in a collaborative format with our own team.

Trusting and communicative partnerships

At Phixos we pride ourselves in our strong and communicative relationships with our clients. Our services are not one size fits all, they require insight, negotiation and collaboration to build a bespoke package that is suitable for the client.
Clients need to trust their supplier, receiving regular updates and having a first hand view of operations; something Phixos excel at.

Flexible and realistic planning and project management

A successful project must be managed and maintained exactly in line with our clients’ requirements. The Phixos team will collaborate with you on all aspects of planning and project management, to ensure that you are on track.
Our planning is realistic and flexible to change, every step is fully risk-managed and assigned to relevant team members or clusters.

Endorsed by our Clients


The Phixos team always understands the brief and asks good, relevant questions. Our experiences have felt like a genuine partnership and more trusting than a regular supplier relationship. I love them!


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