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Providing bespoke high integrity firmware solutions

A Leader in High-Integrity Firmware

FPGA and CPLD control is a vital part of many complex high integrity systems, with the significant size of the modern day FPGAs their use in critical systems is ever increasing. Our large permanent team of experienced and qualified engineers have significant capability across a breadth of applications from land based to in orbit, encompassing a range of technologies from Flash to Anti-fuse FPGAs.

Phixos is a trusted supplier for any firmware project, from independent reviews to full project development, verification and certification.


Our Worcester based team is engaged and flexible to your exact goals and needs. With an independently approved ISO 9001:2015 and TickITplus Quality Management System and experienced project management services, your project can be outsourced with the knowledge that it is in safe hands.

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Firmware standards & process definition

These form the foundations that the technical solution will be built upon, Our early definition of these will ensure maintainability, certification and reduce the impact and cost due to future modifications.

Full lifecycle development and verification

Our full-lifecycle ownership allows you to focus on the system and product, allowing us to do what we do best and provide a complete verified compliant firmware solution.

Requirements definition


Decomposing your System requirements into a set of Firmware requirements or performing a requirement capture activity, will give you the confidence that we can describe and agree on the success criteria of the Firmware’s performance.




Our Firmware architecture will ensure all stakeholders understand the firmware structure allowing the engineers to work in parallel in confidence and reducing the impact to cost due to any future increases in size and complexity.

RTL design & implementation


With extensive experience in RTL design, synthesis for a wide variety of targets, place and route and timing closure, our firmware team can design and implement solutions for all requirements.

IP core generation & integration

Our ability to generate IP cores to support reuse across programs or by integrating 3rd party IP cores like SpaceWire into the design, we can ensure a design that meets your needs.

Simulation test


Our extensive capabilities cover a broad range of test approaches including constrained random testing and behavioural modelling, combined with formal equivalence through gate level testing we can provide the functional verification your system requires using any of the industry standard tools like Questa Sim and formal Pro.

SEE/SEU analysis & mitigation

Your design considerations will be critical to your systems tolerance to
in-orbit SEU, our wealth of experience can help you implement a robust design to support this.

Full Certified solution

Our 30 + years of high integrity development and verification experience, up to DAL A/SIL 4 gives you the confidence that our processes will ensure a certifiable firmware solution.


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Why Choose Phixos

Experts in the Safety-Critical Space

For many years Phixos has provided some of the world’s biggest Space, Aerospace and Defence companies with high integrity firmware development and verification support. Consistently delivering successful and safe applications into both the civil and military arenas up to DAL A/SIL4


With extensive experience in the industry, Phixos have built a strong reputation for themselves, with guaranteed high quality deliverables, flexible project management and client communication. Phixos can support or independently manage a range of Firmware projects.

What our customers think

"10 out of 10. We felt that the engineers were part of the same team. We found them flexible, agile and receptive to requested changes. Phixos appear to be continually improving their offering. Our Director sent a personal letter of thanks to the team to indicate the high quality level of their work for us."

Why Choose Phixos

Achieving the Highest of Standards

Specialising in high integrity systems we have a proven track record of delivering firmware solutions to the applicable industry standards.

If you have any specific requirements, get in touch and we can discuss your bespoke needs further.